With the support of professionals and associate companies with complementing services and objectives, Engeolab cc provides versatile and competitive solutions across a broad range of sectors. Such services include remote sensing and aerial photographic interpretation, feasibility analysis, pollution determination, geophysical survey design, survey execution, interpretation, process optimization and project management.

Groundwater Exploration

Since 1994 Engeolab CC has been appointed locally and in Africa as Project Managers for the identification and development of production water supply sources through the siting, drilling, test pumping and development of boreholes ranging from localized domestic application use to major bulk water supply well fields. The remote sensing is the starting point of all investigations (refer to examples below).


Design and calibration of conceptual and numerical models to simulate hydrogeological conditions and predict possible impacts.

Geophysical Field Surveys

Remote sensing is followed up by conducting geophysical investigations. We conduct the following surveys:

  • shallow electromagnetics EM34
  • electrical resistivity imaging (ERI / ERT)
  • magnetic surveys

Making use of the abovementioned laptop computers and software, data is captured in the field and 2 Dimensional graphs drawn to interpret the geophysical investigation results. Potential borehole drilling positions are then identified and marked in the field for easy identification.



Implementation and development of production water sources follows geophysical investigations. Development as part of bulk water supply schemes have been developed for numerous clients. This includes the drilling, test pumping and equipping of production water sources.


Post development management of groundwater resources is done through monitoring and active calibration of abstraction recommendations. To this end, Engeolab own and rent out a range of groundwater monitoring data loggers including water level, temperature and conductivity loggers.